Tuesday, October 7, 2008

Kat - Thrifting with a load of fun

Me and guy head down to the Salvos store today!
We didn't expect to see so much great stuff. And we still thought we wouldn't be spending much time and money there. I only had 15 dollars with me! I was lucky it was enough!

I bought 2 bags and a oversized checkered blazer. The bags cost 3 and 4 dollars while the blazer was on sale at 3 dollars! Haha! I had fun looking for those hidden treasures!
Guy bought 2 jackets. And it looks great on him!

This was what I wore initially. The bag is one of the thrifted bag I got.

This is a close up of the bag.

This is the new blazer! Yay! happy!

What's on me:
Rubi strappy shoes, cotton on mans tee, cut off tube as skirt, mink pink lame leggings, thrifted bag, thrifted blazer.

Oh! another outfit with the same shirt and bag! hee!

This was what I wore to a consultation with the lecturer today.

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