Wednesday, October 1, 2008

Kat - Drop Crotch Alibaba and Muffins yum and Parliament!

Went out for dinner a day before my assignment was due. Wanted to make it a quick one, so I pulled my comfy pants that I had for like 3 years and bun up my hair. Travelled to the store, only to find that it closes on Sunday. Why are Aussies so lazy?? In the end, we ate at Happys. It's a really famous chinese restaurant in Canberra. Food is good and service is really fast.
Hotplate tofu is super delicious.
What's on me: Alibaba pants from bugis street, Supre white spaghetti, giordano cut out tee, Rubi strappy shoes, black necklaces from X-craft.

I went to the Brand depot (it's like the direct factory outlets but suckier) to reward myself after submitting my essay. I was around civic centre and there is this store that sells muffins that run out at 11am. I have not tried it before, but I heard people that did say it is really yummy and nice.
I bought the raspberry and white chocolate one and had the pleasure of trying it for the first time. It's quite nice, but it definitely does not warrant a trip down when I'm only half awake at 9am.
The muffin!!!

What's on me:
Tunic from Bangkok, Supre grey polka dots tights, Charles and Keith shoes, Self made belt and Guy's hat.

I went down to parliament with Guy today, for he had an interview. Oh, the day before, me and guy stumbled upon a thrift shop in the city! I got 2 vintage high waisted belts for 1.50!! That really made my day! So happy!

I wore the vintage belt that I got yesterday!!

What's on me:
Thrifted skirt, over the knee socks, Rubi ribbon shoes, Vintage maroon belt, Grayce drappy cardigan, green bag from taiwan.

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