Wednesday, October 22, 2008

Kat - Final countdown

Have been superrrrrr busy with school work. =(
I have 2 assignments due. One is tomorrow and another one next monday!
Didn't really have the time to blog until now.

So, let's put things back in order! ^^
I bought a pair of shoessssss!! haha! Remember when I said I have this civic voucher? The shoes shop (called Zu by the way) is having a 40% off sale. And the prices were slashed, so using the voucher I purchased this pair of pretty wonderful shoes at $30. It's original price is $140. So it's a pretty good bargain! =)
I was deciding between size 8 or 9 as size 8 is a little tight but size 9 is a little loose. I got size 8 in the end and I'm glad I chose the smaller size as it looks way better. Will wear them out tomorrow! Haven't had the chance to bring them out for a walk yet.

We had this surprise party for 3 of our friends last Friday.
And this was what I wore.
I looked so grumpy. haha! The sun was really blinding! And I didn't have makeup on as we were rushing!
I love the 2 front pockets!! n_n
What's on me:
ICE tartan dress which I altered ($5), RUBI bow shoes, Jeanswest Micheal Jackson jacket, vintage bag and accessories.

Some of the guys that were there at the party! GUY IS IN THE CENTER!!
If you notice, his hair is short now! I trimmed it for him! =]
And pay attention to his shirt. LOL!
The night ended with sing star and booze and finger snacks.

I bought a pair of pink leopard tights for a dollar.
I took out the wall e guy bought. It's cute.
That's wall e beside me.

I'm feeling so zoo-ish, I took out all my animals accessories and wore them!
Say hello to my giraffe earrings, owl necklace and leopard tights!

What's on me:
LOVE LIFE teeshirt dress, cotton on pink leopard tights ($1), white ballerina flats, giraffe earrings from bangkok, ICON owl necklace.

Being under the stress, I have been eating alot! haha!
And I kept complaining how much I need some Krispy Kreme. Being the sweet guy that he is, guy went to get me some of those sweet delights. =]

I ate finished 6 of them in one single day on top of my meals!! T_T (so fatt so fatttt)

I was feeling really pinkish and princessy today, so I decided to wear this little bubble dress.

And now posing with the krispy kreme!! hoho! I'm doing free advertisement for them!!!

What's on me:
Night market pink bubble dress ($10), supre white tights, Diva pink bow headband, white ballerina flats.

Tomorrow is my hall's valete! Some semi formal event for those leaving the hall after 3 years or graduating, which is me! Cause I'm considered graduating from ANU end of this year, though not from NUS yet. So, stay tune!

Good night lovelies.

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